Our goal is accessibility, so with that in mind registration options are fairly flexible.  Hopefully this will work for most people, and allow more kids to participate.

No experience necessary for kids 8 years old and up, experienced riders under the age of 8 will be considered.

The boat is going to run three times a week.  Monday evening, Wednesday evening and Saturday morning.  Times will be somewhat seasonal, in order to balance daylight with smooth water.  Weekday times are tentatively 5:30pm to 7:30pm, and Saturday mornings will be 6:30 to 9:30am.  We will go out as a group* and come back as a group, so it is a commitment to the time-block.  You can select one, two or three days a week to participate, but will be locked into your registered days.

There will be five riders on weekdays, and 7 riders on Saturdays.  Riding sets will be 20 mins in duration each.

Cost is set by the number of times you ride per week, and whether you have your own board or not.


There will be a parent seat on the boat each day, that parents can sign up for a turn to come out and see the fun their kids are having.  There will be a special parent viewing at the end of each session to include more parents.

Prices below are with your own equipment, prices in brackets are to use the clubs equipment.


*Signed Liability Waivers required for all participants

**Participant are required to provide their own US Coast Guard Approved Life Vest in all circumstances.

Ready to sign up?  Contact us to get started!